International Partnerships

The NEF is an affiliate and member of:

• Business Africa
BUSINESSAfrica is the employers’ confederation that brings together 45 employer bodies across the African continent.

It was founded in 1986 under the name of Pan African employers’ Confederation (PeC). PeC was later rebranded into BUSINESSAfrica –employers Confederation in 2012.

BUSINESSAfrica is the recognized voice of employers in Africa and mainly works in the areas of labour, employment and social affairs and within the context of international organizations to influence policy at continental level by enhancing business voice in continental and international bodies.

Learn more here: BUSINESSAfrica

Representatives from Employers organisations which are members of BUSINESSAfrica – spotted here is previous Secretary General of NEF - Tim Parkhouse.
• The Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN Global)
The GAN Global empowers people and businesses by promoting and advocating for the uptake of work-based learning including apprenticeships, as a way to address the mismatch between the skills people have and the skills employers need.

Their goal is to accelerate the acquisition of skills and capabilities of all segments of the workforce and build a robust talent pipeline for business that can match the pace of change in the world of work.

They currently have membership in 16 countries – 3 of which are in Africa including Namibia.

The Namibian network (Link to GAN Namibia tab) was launched in 2018 and has since played a pivotal role in the re-introduction of the National Apprenticeship Programme.

To learn more about GAN visit: GAN

Bella Mupurua- our GAN Liaison representing the GAN Network at the Y20 Youth Conference in Cordoba, Argentina
• The International Labour Organisation (ILO)
The only tripartite U.N. agency, since 1919 the ILO brings together governments, employers and workers of 187 member countries, to set labour standards, develop policies and devise programmes promoting decent work for all women and men.

The ILO has helped the NEF fund numerous projects and surveys including our COVID-19 reports and annually invites the NEF as the Employers representative for Namibia to the International Labour Conference which takes place at ILO Headquarters in Geneva.

Secretary General of the NEF – Daan Strauss representing Employers during the COVID-19 at the Khomas Regional Offices COVID Communication Centre. ILO Website link: ILO Website

• The International Organization of Employers (IOE)
The IOE is largest global network of the private sector across the world with members in over 150 countries including Namibia.

It has been existence for 100 years since 1920 and it is currently the sole representative of business in social and employment policy debates taking place in the ILO, across the UN, G20 and other emerging forums.

Their purpose is to leverage their unique experience, expertise and advocacy to influence debates on the most pressing issues for business and employers worldwide.

Learn more by visiting their website on: IEO website

NEF Training Liaison Elizabeth Nouses representing us in Lagos Nigeria at the 6th Africa Social Partners Summit In Job Creation with colleagues from; Liberia, Republic of Guinea, Libya and AYC
• The SADC Private Sector Forum (SPSF)
The SPSF directly represents over 10,000 of southern Africa’s leading companies – from Angola to Zimbabwe.

They serve the private sector locally, nationally, and across the region to remove obstacles to doing business, spread ideas that work and help build a socially and economically sustainable future.

In 2020 The SPSF launched the SPSF Labour Law Guide (link: – a free customized resource that connects businesses, governments, and civil society to the laws and people they need to know by providing access to information on fundamental rights, minimum standards legislation, labour institutions, foreign worker provisions, and social security provisions for all 15 SADC members in one central location online.

NEF Liaison on GAN, Bella Mupurua appearing on the NBC’s GoodMorning show to share more about the Labour Law Online Guide – view the full interview on Full Interview Learn more about SPSF: SPSF