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Namibia EESE Report FAQs

EESE stands for ‘Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises’ and is a way to measure how well a country is doing in nurturing sustainable enterprises. The EESE report is based on the idea that long-term economic growth depends on sustainable enterprises and that sustainable enterprises need strong institutions, good governance systems, and the ability to combine human, financial, and natural resources fairly and efficiently to spur innovation and increase productivity.
The report is a joint publication of the International Labour Organisation (who created the methodology for EESE) and the Namibian Employers' Federation (who engaged over 600 Namibian businesses to capture perceptions of how Namibia is doing).
The report is designed to stimulate debate and to provide an evidence base for reforms for an environment more conducive to the promotion of sustainable enterprises in Namibia.

The EESE methodology is based on 17 pillars that together measure the environment the country is creating to help/hinder sustainable enterprises. The pillars are political, economic, social, and environmental.

Political – peace and political stability; social dialogue; respect for human rights/international labour standards

Economic – macroeconomic policy; stewardship of economy; trade/sustainable economic integration; enabling legal and regulatory environment; rule of law/secure property rights; fair competition; ICT; access to financial services; physical infrastructure

Social – entrepreneurial culture; education, training, and lifelong learning; social justice and social inclusion; social protection

Environmental – stewardship of climate change

The report analyses how Namibia performs with respect to each pillar, with the aim of assessing the relative strengths and weaknesses of the enabling environment for sustainable enterprises and employment in Namibia.

This is the first time Namibia has had a comprehensive assessment of what is needed for sustainable growth and the first time stakeholders across policy, practice, labour, and development have been brought together to find ways to work collectively for Namibia's sustainable future.

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